Friday, February 5, 2016

Love Your Body

As many of you know, Michelle Dozois is my favorite fitness instructor. If I don't do a few of her workouts every week, I have symptoms of withdrawal and get seriously depressed and unmotivated.  LOL!  

Early this week - on February 1 - Michelle posted to her Facebook Page a 14-day Love Your Body Challenge.  Every day she posts yoga/stretching moves that help to show your body some love.  Instead of focusing outwardly these next two weeks, she proposes we turn inward to ourselves.  Let's show our bodies some love!

If you're at all interested, check her Facebook page every afternoon to see what the move of the day is.  They've been easy and soothing so far!  I like to do these in the evening when my body is tired and worn out; when it needs some TLC.  

Leave it to Michelle to continually inspire me!

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