Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Skinny Greek Lemon Bars

One of my frequented food blogs, Sally's Baking Addiction, continues to impress me.  While her "skinny" recipes are few and far between, they're usually pretty good.  These Skinny Cheesecake Squares are one of my all time favorite low-calorie desserts.

When I checked the blog last week there was a new, interesting "skinny" recipe: Skinny Lemon Bars.  Oh, my!  I bought the ingredients last weekend and whipped these squares up on Sunday.  

And they did not disappoint.  I made no substitutions but I did cut them into 16 squares, making them 95 calories each.  And they're delicious!  Light, fresh, and lemon-y!!  

Mr. Higgins would prefer to eat them all in one sitting, but I refuse to let him.  I want to enjoy them for a few more days!!

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