Monday, February 29, 2016

Week Eight: Combat Challenge #3

It's my final week of Combat!  Woohoo!

It's been so much fun, really.  And Combat has gotten me into great shape....but I'm ready to be done.  One more week - and not even a full one - until we leave for the cruise!

Monday: Sh'Bam #18 + Ilyse's Heart-Pumping Groove + walk

Considering how tired yesterday's workout made me, I decided to take it easy today.  I did my normal Monday Sh'Bam but then a lighter dance workout by Ilyse.  My plantar fasciitis was really bad this weekend so I'm hoping less impact will make a difference today.  This Sh'Bam was a lot of fun.  Anything that has me doing the Carlton before 6am is great!  At lunch, I walked at the rec center.  Awesome!

Tuesday: Amy's Complete Strength and Conditioning 

I was looking forward to weights this morning and a lighter pace in general.  Amy's workout definitely makes me work.  All in all, you do 50 push-ups total in this video.  Whew!  And I love the standing ab work; I always feel it later in the day.  A great workout!

Wednesday: Grit #7 + Michelle's HIIT - Breathless and Energized

Oh, boy.  Grit day.  I was dreading it, as usual.  I stayed upright a bit more than those in the video - I just can't do hopping push-ups - but did most of the rest.  And it was tough!  But good!  And that was my last Grit of this Challenge.  YAY!!  Michelle's HIIT was good and I felt super happy after this morning's workout.  There's nothing like working that hard to make you feel a sense of accomplishment!

Thursday: BodyCombat #64 + Michelle's Heart-Pumping Total Sculpting + walk

So I forgot just how difficult this Combat is.  Dang.  It's fun, though - especially the Irish track.  Ha!  Michelle's sculpting worked me super hard, since I used my new 12lbs weight.  Ouch!  I sweated more with that than with the Combat!  At lunch, I went for a 20 minute walk outside. 

Friday: Combat 60 Live - Ultimate Warrior's Workout

To close out this Combat Challenge, I went back to Combat 60 Live, which is always fun.  It's amazing how much I can sweat just from punching.  Ha!  My shoulders were achy this morning from weights yesterday but I made it through!

And that's it!   I'm done with Combat.  I leave on a jet plane Friday afternoon.  

Calorie Counts:

I did good this week until Thursday.  I'm ready to eat now.  I am in the middle of my acceptable five pound weight range so I am completely satisfied.  All in all, I've lost 7.7 pounds since Christmas!!  I think that is 80% due to diet - I've been really strict - but Combat helped, as well.  I worked really hard and it's good to see results.

Most important, I know that I can get near my ideal weight, even though the endocrinologist was skeptical.

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