Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jost Van Dyke

We love getting to new islands - hence our cruises.  On our recent vacation on St. John, USVI, we decided to finally get to one of the neighboring islands, Jost Van Dyke, BVI.  We had seen it from across the narrow sea for so was time to set foot on it!

Since you're going from the US Virgin Islands to the British Virgin Islands, you have to deal with customs.  And pay a hefty fee for the ferry.  Honestly, so much paperwork was involved, I don't know if we'll go back in the next 20 years.  But boy, it was worth all that paperwork, just once.....

We got off the ferry on Jost and hopped in a taxi to get to our destination, White Bay.  Look at that water!

The most popular stop on Jost is a beach bar named The Soggy Dollar.  Most visitors to the bar swim to shore from boats and bring with them soggy dollars....  Ha!  This bar is credited with the invention of one of my favorite drinks, the Painkiller.  Yum!

White Bay was absolutely gorgeous.  You can see St. John, way off in the distance.

There were several well-known beach bars all along the beach so we bar-hopped all afternoon.  

We even climbed over some rocks to get to the other end of the beach.  The views were stunning.  

The next day, back on St. John, we sat at Cinnamon Bay, our favorite place there, and gazed across the calm sea to White Bay.  It was nice to know, finally, that we had been there and experienced that water and those bars.  

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