Monday, June 20, 2016

The Week After Vacation - Workouts

Our trip to St. John, USVI, was incredible.  We had a lovely time.  Really, with some of the best beaches I've ever seen, it's hard not to have fun and truly relax.  

We also ate and drank way too much.  I'm ready to get back into my routine - and my workout routine.  We got back home on Monday and on Tuesday morning, at 5:30am, I was working out, as usual....

Tuesday: Dozois' Rockin' Body Cardio

My traditional first-workout-after-vacation is Michelle's old, but good, dance workout.  It's fun and challenging at times, without being a killer.  Because I was going into work late, I was able to do the whole 45 minutes of cardio.  I then had a nice stretch and did some ab work.  A great first day back!

Wednesday: Amy's Metabolic Meltdown + Ilyse's Just Dance + weights

For my second workout this week, I chose to put together two of my favorites.  First up was Amy's level 2 drill workout.  The impact isn't quite as high as a level 3 so I even upped it at times to elevate my heart rate.  After that, I did about 15 minutes of Ilyse's dance workout - always fun.  At lunch, I forced myself to do weights.  I'm always glad to get that done for the week!

Thursday: McLean's Unleash Your Inner Strength + Amy's Skills and Drills + walk

More cardio today.   I need all that I can get to work off this vacation weight!  I started with McLean's level 2 workout and quickly worked up a sweat.  Next up: Amy's kickboxing - a favorite.  This is nothing like Combat but it's fun in it's own way.  At lunch, I walked - as fast as I could - around the track at the rec.  My Fitbit was appreciative.

Friday: Amy's Head to Toe Body Sculpt

No rest/light day this week since I was traveling on Monday.  Thankfully, this weight workout meant I wasn't jumping too much.  I hadn't done this Sculpt in quite some time and it's good!  The tricep/push-up track really got to me.  Triceps with weights and then 16 push-ups…..three times.  Ouch!  

Saturday: Cathe's Intensity

Since I just finished a Peak 10 Challenge, I'm taking a short break from Peak workouts.  That means that Cathe gets to be my weekend fun……or not.  Intensity is at least different - you do step and then higher intensity step, high intensity HIIT, and then low intensity HIIT.  After doing that for an hour, I was wiped out.  But I didn't take any short-cuts…I did it all.  Afterward, a nice stretch and sit-ups.  And then I ached - ached - for days.

Sunday: Cathe's Cardio Core Circuit + Amy's Body Weight Training + Amy's Total Body Sculpting

I was hurting so bad this morning from yesterday's workout…..  And I had more Cathe on my agenda.  Sigh.  I had to take some segments down a notch in Cardio Core.  It was just too painful.  But I got through that 45 minutes, still standing.  I then wanted something with a lighter intensity so I did 15 minutes of Amy's Body Weight Training - and it was alright.   A bit too much repetition for me.  Next up - weights with Amy in Sculpting.  I used the 12-pound weights where I could.  My stretch after all that was sooooo nice.

Calorie Counts:

Monday - travel
Tuesday - 1341
Wedneday - 1165
Thursday - 1165
Friday - 1430
Saturday - 1182
Sunday - 1184

All things considered, I did pretty well this week.  I resisted multiple office treats, even where a birthday was concerned.  Wow!  

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