Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Ghost Bride

I just finished a unique novel entitled The Ghost Bride, by Yangsze Choo.  This was one of the most original works of fiction that I've read in a while.   

Li Lan receives a proposal of marriage - from a ghost.  Yes, the deceased family arranges a betrothal, which was not unheard of in 19th-century Malaya.  What follows is a story steeped in Chinese folklore, mystery, and romance.  

In order to solve the mystery of her betrothed's death, Li Lan must visit the realm of the dead.  There are demons, dragons, ghosts, and more mysteries complicating her journey.  Along the way, by seeing the fate of so many souls, she discovers what she wants most out of her life.

Choo manages to make this novel part murder mystery, part coming of age, part romance, and part fantasy.  Sometimes it's a bit clunky but overall, this is a beautiful story and I hope there's a sequel!

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