Friday, August 5, 2016

A Paris Apartment

My book group chose an interesting book to read - A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable.  Paris + art + history + historical fiction = yay!

This is the story of April, an auction house appraiser who is sent to Paris to look at an apartment that's been sealed shut for 70 years.  She soon discovers some very interesting journals that lead to an art discovery that no one could have predicted.  

Gable takes you into the life of the woman who wrote the journals - a courtesan of late 19th Paris named Marthe de Florian.  The story alternates between Marthe's story and that of the present-day appraiser, April.  

Marthe has plenty of romantic drama in her life, as expected, but April does as well.  Though that's an easy statement to make, I found April's love life particularly pleasing - it wasn't perfect nor did it wrap up perfectly at the end of the novel.  

This was really a surprise for me and I look forward to more from this author.  

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