Monday, August 8, 2016

FitnessGlo Challenge: Week 7

This week started out a bit rough, with some stomach issues.  But I quickly got back into the swing of things.  And considering my eating, I needed to be able to work hard.

Monday: Crunch's Fat Burning Pilates + Scott's Tone, Tighten and Firm

This morning, I wasn't feeling well.  Later in the day, I did about 15 minutes of Ellen Barrett's Pilates video.  I hadn't done this one in forever and it's so good!  Then, I did Scott's weight workout - all 20 minutes.  Dang, triceps!  I used the 12-pound weights when I could and definitely felt it!

Tuesday: Dozois' 30 Minute Boot Camp + Ilyse's Heart-Pumping Groove

I was almost back to normal today but I wanted to take it a bit easier than usual.  So, I did Michelle's level 2 boot camp - which is basically a bit slower than a level 3.  It was still a good workout, though I skipped the burpees.  Next up was Ilyse's fun dance workout.  Mr. Higgins laughed at me as he ate his breakfast.  I'm glad I can provide some comic relief at 6am.

Wednesday:  Amy's Bootcamp Blast + Scott's HIIT - Sports Inspired Intervals 
+ walk

My week is all screwed up as far as weights go - so I did them today with Amy's workout.  I think I'd done this workout before but I can't remember....  It was good!  After that, I did Scott's HIIT - always effective!  At lunch, I walked at the rec center, unable to bring myself to do weights.  Ugh.  

Thursday: Scott's Multi-Level Cardio Drills + Amy's Intervals + walk

It was hard to get going this morning but Jeffrey Scott made me move - and very quickly! This was a good set of drills - much like his others.  After that ended, I did 15 minutes of Amy's intervals - always super effective.  At lunch, I walked at the rec center.  It was a challenge to do that today because of meetings but I made myself!

Friday:  Scott's Boot Camp Burn + Shape's Bikini Body Camp Transforming

This morning, I had a few extra minutes so I tried to put them to good use.  I did about 35 minutes of Scott's cardio/weight drills in Burn.  Then, all 20 minutes of Dozois' cardio in Bikini.  It made for a very effective morning workout, all in all!  Even though the Bikini cardio is a bit more basic than Dozois' later workouts, it's still tough!  Hello lunge jumps in the last circuit!!

Saturday: Michelle's Cardio Interval Burn on Glo + Ilyse's Power Stretch

I pulled two hamstrings yesterday, somehow.  I have no idea.  But I hurt.  I did 65 total minutes of cardio this morning - all of the CIB plus my own cardio to get a good, long workout.  This CIB is definitely different from the others but very, very effective.  Whew!  Afterward, since I was so sore, I did Ilyse's 10-minute stretch, wanting to be forced to stretch well and long.  Ab work finished off my morning.

Sunday:  McLean's Tabata - Get Gloing with Tabata-Inspired Drills + Amy's Cardio Combo

Wow, so I finally found a workout of McLean's that I can tolerate.  This one wasn't easy and I had to modify just a bit but it was doable and almost un-hateable.  LOL!  He alternates a weighted move and then a cardio move - each done 20 seconds.  After that 45 minutes, I tuned into Amy's level two workout - also a nice combination of weights and cardio.  That lasted 30 minutes.   I then did five minutes of core work followed by a nice stretch.  My hamstrings are still annoyed with me. 

Calorie Counts:

Bad.  So, so bad.  

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