Wednesday, August 31, 2016

White Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake

You read that correctly...  White Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake, oh my!

I've still been searching for good cake recipes.  And so for a co-worker's birthday celebration, I decided to try something that looked totally decadent.  White chocolate + raspberries?!  Yes, please!

And so I went a'baking.  The first "oops" I discovered was that the pudding I'd purchased (white chocolate) was only 1 ounce.  Ugh.  I used light sour cream but other than that, made no more substitutions.  Because I had less pudding mix, I did not chop up my white chocolate as I wanted make sure there was an abundance of white chocolate flavoring. (I was also a bit lazy on this week night.)

When the cake came out of the pan, I realized too late that I'd made two mistakes....  It could have baked for 5 minutes longer and the raspberry filling needed to be blended more.  The cake separated in places where the layer of filling was.  But I was able to salvage the cake and though it didn't look great, once sliced and served, it got rave reviews.

Mr. Higgins really liked it and pointed out that I could make it with blueberry filling instead (hint, hint).  Ha!

So I'll keep this recipe and try it again with, hopefully, better results.

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