Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Last week, one of my best friends, SKP, had a baby boy.  Yay!  It was such a relief to hear that both mother and son were healthy.  

Birthing babies has been on my mind a lot since it's been greatly talked about in the fifth Outlander book, The Fiery Cross.  I think we, as a society, take modern medicine for granted at times.  And there's nothing like childbirth to help us remember just how precious our lives truly are!

The preciousness of life - any life - is why I don't understand hunting as a sport.  On the rare occasion that I've hit a squirrel in the middle of the street, I'm devastated!   That squirrel could have been taking food to did I just kill all those baby squirrels?!  

Every year and sometimes twice a year, we have barn swallows nest on our back porch and lay eggs.  Each time, we're terrified of something happening to the eggs or then the babies.  And something always happens to at least one of the them, it seems.  Life is harsh and sometimes a baby gets pushed out of the nest.

Yes, I'm rambling but babies make me reflect on a lot of things.  Never take a life for granted.  A small one or a big one.

Congrats, SKP!

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