Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Baking List

There is never enough time at the holidays to do everything I'd like to do.  In the past few years, with cruises in December, my baking has fallen behind.  I hope to do better this holiday season, but I'm already feeling behind. 

Here's what is on my baking list:

1.  gingerbread loaf - a new recipe for me!
2.  pumpkin bread - a yearly must!
3.  fudge - this one hasn't happened in years.
4.  gingerbread cookies - these did not happen last year.  So sad!
5.  Victorian tea cakes - so delicious!
6.  mint chocolate cookies - another new one I want to try!
7.  pumpkin pie - because this never got made for Thanksgiving.  Done!

One down, six to go!  I think this was the first time I've made a pumpkin pie outside of my mom's kitchen, without her supervision.  It turned out to be quite delectable.  Wish me luck on the rest of them!

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