Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Workouts: Week 3

I woke up feeling a lot better on Monday so I hope this means my body is done aching.  That would be a lovely thing!  Who knew that taking 10 days off from workouts could have such a drastic effect on the body.  That and moving nine recliners up and down the stairs.  Oy.

Good thyroid news: I'm sleeping better and no longer starving 24/7.  That means the radiation has done it's job of killing my thyroid.

This week was the week for bloodwork to check the thyroid, thank goodness, since I started noticing an abatement in my hyper symptoms.  And....I'm now hypo.  My thyroid is dead.  On Thursday, the doctor prescribed the thyroid replacement hormone.  This also explains why my cruise weight is not coming off as quickly as usual.  Hypo means you gain weight.  We'll see about this medication.  All of this comes at the worst possible time, of course - the holiday season.

Monday: Ilyse Baker's Easy to Follow Dance Moves + Amy Dixon's Kickboxing Skills and Drills on Glo

After three days of intense workouts, I decided to take it down a notch, which is never a bad idea on a Monday morningMy goal was to do mostly low-impact moves and I succeeded with these two workouts. And I had fun doing them!  I had a meeting at lunch so working out at the rec did not happen.  I did, however, get tons of steps today from walking all around campus!

Tuesday:  Firm's The 500 Calorie Workout + weights

I've been feeling so much better this week; it's such a relief!  I woke up and did the Firm's workout, skipping most of the weight sections.  I think I did 10-15 minutes of the weights, but all the cardio sections.  It got my heart rate up in no time!  At lunch, I finally felt ready for weights after all these weeks so off I went.  And it felt good!  No (unexpected) pain!

Wednesday:  Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Remix + yoga

Since I'm doing some Peak 10 workouts in the morning, it's nice to do ones that I enjoy, like the CIB Remix.  So much fun!  I had to skip 1.5 circuits but it's still a great workout.  I keep hoping for a nice, relaxing stretch at yoga....but, no.  We were at it again today - down dogs, planks, and chair poses.  My ache-free body was suddenly aching again.  Oy.

Thursday: Michelle's Total Body Cardio and Strength on Glo

Since there would be no workout at lunch today (we were meeting a retired colleague), I hit it hard this morning with Michelle's Glo workout.  It's very similar to a Peak 10 cardio strength - without the peaks.  You alternate cardio and weights.  There's also quite a bit of core thrown in.  I was aching by the time we had to walk to the car at lunch.  

Friday:  Michelle's NEW BodyFit 360 Vol. 3: Athletic Conditioning + walk

I wanted something a bit more than a light barre workout today, since I'm still not dropping my cruise weight.  Michelle's new BodyFit 360 seemed the ideal choice - it's about 35 minutes of cardio; 5 minutes of arms/abs; then a 20 minute stretch routine.  I ended up doing only about 5-10 minutes of stretching but it was very nice!  The entire thing was so different - like the original BodyFit but more vigorous.  I wore shoes, for instance, when I normally just go barefoot.  At lunch, I walked, also a bit more vigorously than usual, at the rec at work for 35 minutes.

Saturday: Cathe's Cardio Core + Michelle's Calorie Burning Cardio Blast + the stretch from BodyFit 360 Vol. 3

After a night of bad eating on Friday, I wanted to work it hard today.  Cathe's workout is one I dread but I pushed through it - 45 minutes until the stretch.  It actually wasn't quite as bad as I remembered.  At that point, when I didn't feel as dead as I expected, I went through Michelle's recently posted Glo cardio blast - which was a fun 15 minutes.  The stretch from BodyFit 360 had seemed so much fun that I did that for my end stretch.  It was lovely!  All in all - an hour and 20 minutes of working out today.

Sunday:  Peak 10 More Cardio Strength

I don't know why I dread this one…until I pop it in and remember that there's only one 10 minute circuit that does not go to the floor.  Sigh.  That's what makes this one so tough for me.  I got through it but I can't say I ever enjoy it as much as Michelle's other workouts.

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1393
Tuesday - 1284
Wednesday - 1284
Thursday - 1311
Friday - BAD
Saturday - bad
Sunday - bad

Outside of Friday, the weekend wasn't actually as bad as I would expect during the holidays.  But it wasn't great.  It is nice to not be starving 30 minutes after I eat.  That's why I tried to scale back on my calories a bit.  Once the new year begins, I'll try to keep my calories below 1300 - instead of below 1400 as I've been doing.  

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