Friday, December 26, 2014

The Best Snickerdoodles (2014:42)

My last new recipe of 2014........

While doing some holiday baking with my mom, she mentioned snickerdoodles and how she didn't remember ever making them.  I couldn't believe it until I realized that I've been baking on my own for quite a while now.  It's scary how long I've been baking on my own.  Ha!

I loved the Skinny Snickerdoodles I made at the beginning of the year - so much so that I made them again right after Thanksgiving.  They were even better than I remembered!  But my parents weren't looking for skinny options so I found this recipe for The Best Snickerdoodles.  Mom and I went to work in the kitchen. 

Baking with my mom is so much fun and brings me great joy.  It's saddened me the last few years that we didn't have time to bake together so this year was wonderful!  

I laughed out loud when the recipe said to roll the dough into balls before refrigerating.  Yeah, no.  We refrigerated the dough, rolled it, dredged it, pressed it down a bit, and baked it.  They came out wonderful.  I could taste the butter that was not as present in the Skinny recipe!  LOL!

These were good for the holiday....but I'll stick to the Skinny version at home.  There's not a huge difference - mainly size....and butter content.

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