Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Goals for 2014: Recap

Remember this post?  I set goals for 2014 - not resolutions, but goals to help me accomplish things without getting bogged down in too many things.

1.  Work on my genealogy stuff (as mentioned before).  Specifically, I want and need to get through the stack of papers my in-laws brought in October - which I haven't touched.  Done! I know have tons of family information in my Family Tree Maker.

2.  Lose my cruise/holiday weight (as mentioned before)....and get stronger while improving my flexibility.  Michelle Dozois, here I come!  I lost my cruise weight - several times, in fact,, my holiday weight....and I got down to my lowest weight in a very long time.  And then came hyperthyroidism, radiation, and hypothyroidism.  Michelle Dozois' Peak 10 Challenge was great!  I did it twice in 2014!  I also started weight training and yoga at the campus rec.  This goal was definitely accomplished!

3.  Read 20 books this year.  Last year I read 16 so surely this is doable.  Done!  I read 23 books and was so close to finishing one more.  Arg! 

4.  Try 20 new recipes (20 seems to be my magic number).  I really want to do more in the kitchen, especially more new stuff!  I love the foods I make....so I want to keep making them!  But I'm going to try new things!!  This is partly inspired by my friend, SK, who set a great kitchen goal last year and met it!  Um....I tried 42 new recipes in 2014.  Wow!  I'm truly amazed by that number!  There's no way I can do that again but I'll try to do some....maybe the original goal of 20.  Ha!

5.  Knit 3 projects this year.  I don't care what they are, even if they're dishcloths....I just want to do more knitting.  Fail.  I finished one project this year.  Sigh.

6.  The biggie: finish my novel.  I'm so close....  Aha!  I finished....with only a few holes to fill in.  The novel is also edited.  It just requires a bit of work to fill in some places .  Still, so close!

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