Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Butterscotch Bars (2015:20)

I'm rarely wowed by the food my co-workers make and bring in to share.  And if I'm not wowed, I can do without.  But when someone brought these Butterscotch Bars in, I was amazed.

They tasted like little brown sugar squares.  My brain couldn't quite figure out why they were so good - but they were!  I got the recipe and made them the next weekend, when we had a friend over.  Mine rose a bit more than the ones that showed up at work.  But they were yummy!

And super, super easy to make!  So easy that I'll keep this recipe handy for events when I need to bring something but don't have much time.  

Such an easy, delicious dessert!  And I saved my diet by sending most of the batch home with our friend!

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