Friday, November 6, 2015

Third Hike, Part 2

Continuing on with our last Colorado hike in Rocky Mountain National Park..... 

We left off in the tundra.....

It was really rocky up there.

Before we knew it, we were on top of Flattop Mountain.  The wind was blowing so hard that we found shelter behind a big rock to take a break and drink some water.

After our respite, we took stock....and saw our destination, Hallett Peak, up ahead.  Yep, we're climbing that thing.

Looking to the right, we could see Grand Lake in the distance - on the other end of Trail Ridge Road.

Here we are between Flattop and Hallett.  Tyndall Glacier is below us.

Once at the bottom of Hallett, we saw what we'd be climbing. Oy.

Looking back at Flattop and Tyndall Glacier - almost to the top of Hallett!

This is the official marker for the peak of Hallett - inscribed by the USGS.

Looking down from Hallett.

Over on the other side of us - Longs Peak in the distance.

Going down is always harder than going up, I think...  But we made it safe and sound.  We walked over to the edge of the!

It was quite a day. We got back to the car at 2:30 - so 7.5 hours total.  Over 10 miles....whew!  Thankfully, after doing 14 miles the other day, our bodies did not protest too much to 10.  LOL!

I'm not sure mountain climbing is in my future ever again - but it was a great feeling to accomplish something I thought impossible (for me!).

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