Monday, November 9, 2015

Week Two: Peak 10 Challenge #4

Week one was successful, I think.  I lost 1.2 pounds, which really could have been water weight only, but I'm choosing to see it as a good sign!  Now, I need that success to continue this week!  

Monday: Pure Cardio + walk

It's always easier working out on Monday mornings when I have Michelle's enthusiasm to look forward to.  Pure Cardio is so much fun!  I love the "climbs" - such innovative cardio that is non-stop but fun!  At lunch, I walked outside because the weather was just lovely.  I did the 1.2 route around campus and then added on a bit - for 25 minutes of "work." 

Tuesday: Dozois' Total Body Cardio and Strength + walk

I always look forward to these Click and Glo workouts by Michelle. They're so much fun - and effective!  This one definitely has some challenging bits - up and down planks, burpees, etc...  But I still like it!  And I love doing weights at home!  At lunch, I walked at the rec because it was super humid outside.  But I didn't mind: my stretch afterward was lovely!

Wednesday:  Peak Fit Anytime Anywhere No Excuse Workout

Oh, wonderful, my dreaded friend, AA.  I hate this workout.  I love Michelle and almost anything she does - except this.  I managed to get through it, my first time through in 6 months...but I changed a few of the peaks.  Burpees were just not going to work this morning.  It's always a good feeling to finish this one - because then it's done for the week.

Thursday: Ilyse's Sweaty, Sassy and Strong + Amy's Kickboxing Skills and Drills + weights

This workout from Ilyse was brand new - and a lot of fun.  It's not too tough and doesn't build upon itself, which I always prefer.  Next up: kickboxing with Amy.  This one is good, though not my favorite.  But these two made for a fun "light" morning of cardio.  At lunch, I hiked to the rec and did weights.  It was as muggy inside as outside - so very unpleasant.  Ugh.

Friday:  Peak Fit Dynamic Flexibility + Dozois' Tight and Toned Core

Friday couldn't come soon enough this week; it was a rough one.  And this workout was just what I needed - no stress at all, just stretching.  I love it!  It lasted 35 minutes, after which I tuned into Dozois' core workout on Glo.  Dang, it's tough!  

Saturday:  Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn

I love this workout!  It may actually be my favorite CIB…..maybe!  It was my first CIB ever so it  holds a special place in my heart.  It's fun and challenging - definitely - with no dread factor.  The peaks are tough and I guess I do dread them always - but this is just such a great workout.  Afterward, I did a lovely stretch and sit-ups.

Sunday:  Peak 10 Cardio Strength - Fat Blaster + McLean's Cardio Hip Hop

It's been so long since I last did this CS…I didn't know if I should dread it or not.  Ha!  It's fun but there are some parts that are very difficult for me.  Namely, some of the floor work.  I got through it but I was achy by the end.  I did about 15 minutes of McLean's dance workout to cool down and get additional steps.  Then, a stretch.

Calorie Counts:

Monday - 1264
Tuesday - 1245
Wednesday - 1267
Thursday - 1239
Friday - bad
Saturday - BAD
Sunday - 1388

It was a good week - food-wise, anyways.  It was worth being bad on Friday and Saturday!

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