Friday, June 12, 2015


I guess it's time I talked about our trip to Bermuda.  In short, if you've never been, put it on your Bucket List.  

Since this ring of islands is in the Atlantic, I thought the water would be….uninspiring.  I was wrong.  Because of the coral, the water was made up of brilliant shades of cerulean, turquoise, deep blue….  It was incredible.

The town of St. George, the former capital of Bermuda, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and reminded me a lot of Europe.  The church above is the oldest on Bermuda, over 400 years old.

Since Bermuda is a British territory, it's run in a very British way - efficiently and cleanly.  Everything had an appearance far superior to any island in the Caribbean.  Of course, Bermuda is more prosperous than any Caribbean nation.  But it was a nice change, especially when you rely on public transportation.  

I'd love to go back to these gorgeous islands some day.  There is still much to see that we did not have time to do!

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