Monday, June 15, 2015

Post-Cruise Workouts: Week 2

A very bad week of eating last week has me yearning for challenging workouts.  And since I took a rare day of rest on Sunday - for Mr. Higgins' birthday - I was ready to work.

Monday: Amy's Intervals + Cardio Intervals + yoga

These workouts by Amy are similar but different enough for me to dread the second one - which has longer intervals.  But the first one is fun and effective.  I even change up some of the moves - as long as they're high-impact, I'm good.  At lunch, my favorite yoga teacher subbed for the summer teacher - so that was a lot of fun!

Tuesday: Complete Strength and Conditioning by Amy + walk

It was time for some weights today and this workout by Amy is super fun.  It alternates weights and cardio and there are even push-ups interspersed throughout so you don't burn out on them.  I'm so glad I found this workout; it'll stay in my rotation.  At lunch, I walked at the rec.  So many calories to burn.  Ha!

Wednesday:  Ilyse's Dance Intervals 101+ Dozois' Calorie Burning Cardio Blast + HIIT - Breathless and Energized + walk

Wow, what I day. I've been really dragging this week; sleep has been elusive.  But I bounded out of bed (literally) and got to work this morning.  All of these workouts push you to your limit so putting them together made for quite a morning!  It fun, though, and I felt great afterward.  At lunch, I walked laps at the rec center - not much fun but productive!

Thursday: Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped 1000

I haven't done this workout in so long, I couldn't remember how hard it was!  And it's hard.  Ha!  The weighted sections really test me - there are so many reps.  And the cardio...what seems easy at first gets harder and harder because you do one move for a very long time.  I did the first workout, which last a little over 30 minutes.  I then did my own additional weights and cardio to get in a full 50 minute workout.  

Friday:  Michelle's Body FIt 360 (original)

It was time to take it down a notch this morning so I turned to my favorite Body Fit 360 workout - the original.  It's just so great - low-impact cardio combined with yoga, dance, and Pilates…not to mention the great stretch at the end.  I felt great after this!

Saturday:  Peak 10 Cardio Strength Remix + Dozois' Tight and Toned Core

Ah, the weekend.  After getting groceries early this morning, I mopped our floors - a bi-yearly event.  By the end, I was sweating like crazy and my back hurt.  Despite Mr. Higgins telling me I didn't need to do a workout after all that, I did.  And I did a tough one - CS Remix.  I've never sweated so much - mainly because I was already sweeting!  Ack!  This was definitely a challenge to get through but I was proud of myself when I finished it.  After the cool down, I tuned into Michelle's core workout on Glo - dang!  My core was aching something fierce after 10 minutes of this workout (I skipped the warm-up).  A great, productive, active morning!

Sunday: Cathe's Cardio Core Circuit  + Dozois' 30 Minute Boot Camp

I always dread this one.  But I still do it.  Cathe's Cardio Core is a challenge but, thankfully, this workout is a lot easier than it used to be.  Some of the moves still get me but I can get through it without getting totally wiped out now.  After that 45 minute workout, I wanted something less stressful so I turned to Dozois' level 2 boot camp.  I did 15 minutes of it (skipping the warm-up) and it was good!  Finally, a cool down and stretch after all that!

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