Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blueberry Yogurt Cake (2015:9)

I'm always in search of new, good breakfast recipes.  When a co-worker's birthday came along, it seemed like the perfect time to try something new.  This Blueberry Yogurt Cake sounded great and didn't have a lot of sugar, like so many blueberry recipes.

To cut down on calories - all my co-workers are watching their waistlines these days - I subbed Splenda for half the sugar.  That was the only substitution I made, though I was tempted to try applesauce instead of butter.  

I used a 9-inch round pan instead of a spring-form and it worked great.  The batter was so thick that the blueberries didn't sink to the bottom!  Of course, I had to turn the cake over to get it out, so they appeared to all be on the bottom!  Ha!

Everyone liked this cake - it's moist and not too sweet!  Perfect for breakfast!

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