Monday, June 8, 2015

Post-Cruise Workouts: Week 1

I need to lose the weight I gained on the cruise (3.2 lbs) and stay slim while we eat some of our favorite foods this summer.  Now that we have no cruises in the foreseeable future, we can eat the foods we usually avoid during our pre-cruise dieting.  Yay!  

For 10 weeks, I'm going to do Michelle Dozois' Peak 10 workouts on the weekend but change things up during the week.  I'm going to go back to some Jari Love workouts - at least one a week.  It's going to be fun!

Monday: Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped + walk

After my weekend of cardio, I wanted to do some weights today.  I did the first workout on this video, which ran 30 minutes.  I did about 5 minutes of cardio to get warmed up before-hand.  Then, my own stretch afterward.  It was hard doing all the squats that Jari loves so much - ouch!  I had to cut my workout short by 10 minutes this morning.  At lunch, I walked at the rec.

Tuesday: Amy's Sports Sculpt + McLean's Cardio Hip Hop

It was a nice feeling to look forward to working out today.  Amy's workout wasn't too intense - in fact, I made some moves high-impact when she kept them low.  Then, McLean's dance workout is always a lot of fun.  A good, fun workout combination!

Wednesday:  Amy's Kickin' Cardio and Conditioning + walk

I wanted some weights today and this workout was great when I first tried it before the cruise.  It was still good; I even made some of the low-impact moves more high-impact.  The weights felt good!  At lunch, I walked at the rec and then did some ab work.  

Thursday: Shape's Bikini Body Transforming + Michelle's Calorie Burning Cardio Blast + walk

After a relatively light week, in the way of cardio, I was ready to do something taxing today.  And boy, are these two workouts hard....and taxing.  I did Michelle's cardio from the Shape workout and then her intervals on Glo.  Wow.  I was breathing hard and sweating like crazy!  At lunch, I walked at the rec, so my FitBit steps were way up there!  Yay!

Friday: Cathe's Intensity

I was not looking forward to doing this one early in the morning but I had no choice.  I did all the cardio and then the low-impact HIIT segment.  The high-impact circuit is just too much at 5:30 am.  I got tons of steps with this workout, which I needed today since I only worked out this one time.

Saturday:  Dozois' Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Remix + Heart Pumping Total Sculpting

This morning I did not feel great but I made myself get into this Peak 10 workout and, thankfully, it's one that I really love.  It's so much fun to do!  Afterward, I added about 10 minutes of weights from Dozois' Sculpting workout on Glo.  It's a really good workout, even if I do 10 minutes instead of the full 20!  Then I finished with a nice stretch and sit-ups.

Sunday: REST

I'm going to stop posting calorie counts for the summer.  I'm letting up just a bit on my self-imposed strictness.  Mr. Higgins and I are going to try to get to some of our favorite restaurants this summer and the diet will just have to forgive me.  Ha!

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